Outdoor shelf lighting in large sea blue
Outdoor shelf lighting in multi and natural

Mini Table Lamps

Want to have a big impact in a small space?

Handmade mini lamps brighten corners, breath life to shadows, and warm their environments.

Most Viewed Mini Table Lamps
  • Mini Square Red (477 r)

    ETA 07/06/22
  • Mini Paper Cylinder Swirl (646 d)

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  • Mini Square Pink (477 k)

  • Mini Guyabano Purple (531 p)

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  • Mini Paper Cylinder Swirl (646 d)

    Only 4 left in-stock
Meet the Artist

Danrey has been working with her artisan group for 8 years.

By working with this artisan group, she receives a living wage, safe working environment, access to affordable health care, and continuing education.

When asked what her reason for working with this artisan group is Danrey says, “they are a good company helping us and providing me housing.

– Danrey Medrano

Our Mini Lamp Collections

Mini Guyabano Lamp (531)

Mini Paper Cylinder Lamp (646)

Mini Square Lamp (477)

Our Mini lamps
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  • ETA 07/06/22
  • Only 1 left in-stock
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