Outdoor shelf lighting in large sea blue
Outdoor shelf lighting in multi and natural

Floor Lighting

Towering Lights with Great Heights . . .

Our floor lamps spread big light and start warm conversations. These artisan driven designs provide focal points through texture, color, and presence.

Most Viewed Floor Lamps
  • Wave Large Red (457 l r)

    ETA 01/18/23
  • Pagoda Cocoa Giant Lamp Red (322 xl r)

    Only 3 left in-stock
  • Flower Bud Large Multi (568 l m)

  • Fortune Large Multi (395 l m)

    Only 2 left in-stock
  • Wave Giant Orange (457 xl o)

    ETA 02/08/23
Meet the Artisan

Elvira has been working with her artisan group for 3 years.

By working with this artisan group, she receives a living wage, safe working environment, access to affordable health care, and continuing education.

When asked about her reason for working with this artisan group Elvira says, “I appreciate that the company provides quality jobs for older people still wanting to work.”

— Elvira Adubal

Our Floor Lighting Collections

Banyan Floor Lamp (483 l)

Flame Giant Lamp (310 xl)

Flow Floor Lamp (569 xl)

Flower Bud Floor Lamp (568 l and xl)

Fortune Floor Lamp (395 l and xl)

Hourglass Floor Lamp (553 xl)

Jellyfish Floor Lamp (399)

Nito Floor Lamp (314 l and xl)

Pagoda Cocoa Floor Lamp (322 xl)

Sequoia Giant Floor Lamp (309 xl)

Twist Floor Lamp (567 xl)

Wave Floor Lamp (457 l and xl)

Our Floor Lighting
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  • ETA 01/18/23
  • ETA 01/18/23
  • Available
  • Only 9 left in-stock
  • Available
  • (1 customer review)
    Only 2 left in-stock
  • ETA 01/18/23
  • Only 3 left in-stock
  • Only 6 left in-stock
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